Summer news…

Hi Folks,
I’ve been reminded upon pain of death and other stuff by my wonderful web witch Debs to write another blog thingy. . .thank you Debs for the “encouragement”. . .here goes. . .
So, what have I been up to since Imbolc? Well, I’ve been painting some new delights, and a few large canvases too, as well as several logos. I started out drawing a couple for friends, and since then have done several more. It’s so lovely to work closely with a customer, getting something that really captures the feel of their business for them. All my logos are hand drawn one off pieces of art. It warms my heart to see my design on folks business cards and websites. . .so, do feel free to get in touch if you need a bespoke image for your business or service – only too happy to help! 😊.
I’ve also introduced some new lines to my stock, including ‘Wild Hearts’. As some of you may know, I’m very keen on honouring our own wonderful wildness, as well as protecting and enjoying the wildness of our beautiful Earth. I now have a range of hanging wooden hearts, with various “wild” phrases on them. 💖💖💖
Around the time of my last blog I was just about to see proofs of new cards and prints. . .well they have turned out to be wonderful! Beautifully printed on gorgeous silky card. . .I have A6 mini prints and larger A4 prints, including some my newer work such as ‘Morrigan’, ‘Skadi’ and ‘Breathing the Grandmothers’. I’ve just returned from a fantastic and inspiring visit to the Highlands, so watch this space for more new paintings soon. . .😉
I’ve also started doing a range of brooches, based on my pendant designs, which are proving to be popular online and at events. Talking of which, I’m getting ready to trade at the Pagan Federation London Conference on 27th June, and then the following Saturday 4th July I’m at the Wytches Market in Glastonbury town hall. Do pop by and say hello if you’re nearby to either event. . .I’d love to see you.
As for everything else. . .well. . the garden is wild and free right now! I tend to garden with the bees in mind so my plot is a riot of bee friendly plants. My bees are busy, enjoying the sunshine and the huge poppies and foxgloves near the hives. . .love those Little Sisters. I grew woad this year too. . .planted from seed last year, it wintered well and flowered this spring – what a beautiful plant! We so often read about it, but this has been the first time I’ve actually seen it for real.
Other news. . .there has been the patter of tiny paws in the house too. . .I now have two little brothers living with me, Ash and Thorn the dumbo rats. Both sweet and cuddly and amazingly clever little folk, who keep me on my toes with their antics. Of course they’re spoiled rotten, bless them!
Well, I think that’s about all the news I have for now my lovelies, have a bright and blessed summer, and I hope to see some of you at an event maybe. Here’s a list of places I’ll be trading at over the next couple of months.
PF London Conference Leytonstone E11 27th June
Wytches Market, Glastonbury, Somerset. 4th July
Spiritual Awareness weekend 17th-19th July, Maldon Essex
Followers of the Old Religion Charity Festival 8th-9th August, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.
Golden Corn Lammas Gathering, 21st-23rd August, Halstead, Essex.
All these events have pages on Facebook with details.
Big love and bright blessings – Suzi xx

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